Beauty & Nature

Picture Perfect

In the late 19th century, Beechwood’s founders dreamed of a place of elegant, quiet and restful beauty – a veritable oasis in the heart of the Nation’s Capital.

Their grand and noble vision has been realized, for today under the vigilant care of Beechwood’s knowledgeable and dedicated full-time department of horticultural artisans, Beechwood boasts a vast 160 acres of landscaped gardens, magnificent century-old trees, rippling ponds, windswept ornamental grasses, enchanting fountains, over 30,000 glorious spring tulips, natural woodland plants, elegant monuments and abundant wildlife.

Beechwood’s Botanical Cremation Gardens feature a formal design of scores of exquisite annual and perennial plantings. Containing more than 300 kinds of hostas, Beechwood’s Hosta Gardens is one of the largest collections of hostas in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec.

Then there are the Rockeries of Beechwood, providing a tranquil setting where visitors can explore abundant nature trails bordered by beautiful displays of woodland plants. Wildlife also abounds at Beechwood including many different species of birds and butterflies; and fox and raccoon are also noted to be frequent visitors!

The elegant limestone buildings of Beechwood are also a worthy feature of the Cemetery’s beauty. As quarries once existed on Beechwood’s Section 55 site, and just south of the Cemetery’s Section 30, stone was quarried on site; and stone outcrops remain throughout the Cemetery, adding to its natural and awe-inspiring beauty.

Truly a most celebrated destination for reflection, inspiration and discovery, Beechwood is indeed a special place for quiet visitations, historic journeys, private or organized walking tours, painting, photography, family get-togethers and private reflection.