Beechwood, the National Cemetery of Canada and a not-for-profit organization, will be governed efficiently and effectively in the spirit of public service for our community and our nation. Beechwood will ensure that, in perpetuity, it will be operated and maintained in the highest order in memory, honour and respect of those who have left the world before us.

Our Vision

The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation is committed to being the nation’s leader in serving the cemetery and the commemorative needs of the local community and Canadians across the country.

As the National Cemetery of Canada, The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation will ensure that Beechwood Cemetery will:

  • Serve as a coveted destination for the living and a place of peace, beauty and serenity where Canadians may embrace life while honouring the lives of those who have come before;
  • Continue to grow in stature the world over while solidifying its revered identity as a national place of tribute, and a means of preserving and promoting our Nation’s Capital and the rich and diverse heritage of Canada;
  • Nourishing and preserving the natural wonder of its landscape and architectural beauty while upholding the rigorous standards of its National Historic Site designation;
  • Proudly stand as a symbol of and an unrivalled forum for Canadian diversity;
  • Maintain a strong and sustainable financial position.

Our Values

In conducting and cultivating its relationships with families, employees, partners and all of its stakeholders, Beechwood remains guided by and true to its set of core values:

  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • service excellence
  • dignity and respect
  • empathy, sensitivity and compassion
  • open, honest and transparent communication