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The buildings and other architectural points of interest are all unique. Discover these historic gems and their secrets.

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Flora and Fauna

In the late 19th century, Beechwood’s founders dreamed of a place of elegant, quiet, and restful beauty – a veritable oasis in the heart of the nation’s capital . Their grand and noble vision has been realized, for today under the vigilant care of Beechwood’s knowledgeable and dedicated full-time department of horticultural artisans, Beechwood boasts a vast 160 acres of landscaped gardens, magnificent century-old trees, rippling ponds, windswept ornamental grasses, enchanting fountains, over 30,000 glorious spring tulips, natural woodland plants, elegant monuments, and abundant wildlife. A most celebrated destination for reflection, inspiration, and discovery, Beechwood is a special place for quiet visitations, historic journeys, wedding photography, private or organized walking tours, painting, photography, family get-togethers, and private reflection.

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Since its inception in 1873, Beechwood remains unmatched in its display of memorial history. As an unparalleled oasis of monument architectural design for over a century, Beechwood is home to a series of stunningly crafted and magnificent scaled monuments, including the thousands of honoured individual memorials that traverse the ages.

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Prominent People

Beechwood is the final resting place for more than 75,000 people of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, including many individuals who helped to shape Ottawa and Canada. Here is a sampling of some of the remarkable individuals who helped Beechwood earn its honour as one of Canada’s most historic cemeteries.

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