The True Fabric of Canada – A Nation of Communities

Beechwood is a testament to our nation's multicultural identity, for throughout Beechwood's vast and beautiful landscape rest Canadians from all walks of life, faiths, cultures and languages – each sharing one inseparable common bond – active and equal participants in the building of a great nation.

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The multicultural presence at Beechwood is unparalleled. Our Greek, German, Latvian, Vietnamese, Muslim, and many other communities are all represented throughout Beechwood Cemetery. Beechwood has dedicated magnificent and exclusive parcels of land to and has proudly forged partnerships with some of our region's ethnic and faith groups – the Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Egyptian, Greek and Polish communities. Each section has taken on an awe-inspiring, spectacular and distinctive character, and the region's Chinese population has seen their section of Beechwood evolve into the Chinese Cemetery of Ottawa.

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