For what has become a popular and economical alternative to traditional interment, Beechwood offers the finest services for the memorialization of cremated remains. Cremated remains may be housed in our splendid botanical gardens, in a traditional family lot, or in a columbarium niche. Moreover, ensuring that future generations may stay together, Beechwood’s traditional cremation locations allow for unlimited urn interment.

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Designed to accommodate up to two urns with a bronze plaque on a flush granite memorial, Beechwood’s Flower Bed Memorials are located on the perimeter of manicured tapestry flower beds within our Botanical Cremation Garden.


Located within the Botanical Cremation Garden, Beechwood’s bronze-on-granite Vase Memorials are designed to accommodate up to two urns and provide families the opportunity to honour their loved ones with bouquets of fresh flowers within a removable bronze vase.


Visible throughout the year regardless of the season, Beechwood’s Wall Cameo bronze memorials are placed on a beautiful mason-hewn stone wall located within the Botanical Cremation Gardens. Designed to accommodate up to two urns, the Wall Cameo bronze plaques are positioned directly above the in-ground interment at the base of the wall.


Positioned on the perimeter of a wide ring of crab apple trees within Beechwood’s Botanical Cremation Gardens, these locations are designed to accommodate up to three urns with a bronze on granite memorial laid at the base of a tree.


Located in Beechwood’s Botanical Cremation Gardens, each of these granite memorials provide families with up to eight urns with inscriptions engraved on the rich mahogany granite monuments placed at the head of each urn lot. These locations will allow a family generations of interment within a meticulously manicured garden setting.


Beechwood has many locations within our traditional areas that will accommodate unlimited urn interment and positioning. The ability to place as many urns as a family wishes will serve to extend the use of family estate lots and ensure a location for future generations.


Throughout our Botanical Cremation Gardens among a natural canvas of flowers, plants and trees, Beechwood’s Family Bench of Stone Memorials have some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the historic cradle of our nation’s government, Parliament Hill. By selecting our unique and exclusive Family Bench of Stone Memorials, families are presented with an option to place up to four urns with magnificent bronze plaques affixed to the Bench.


Located in Beechwood’s beautiful Poet’s Hill, in sight of our nation’s house of Parliament, each Poet Hill interment location provides for up to two urns set alongside a bed of beautiful flowers. Each location is remembered with a book shaped marker with room for a literary quote or poem inscription.


Located within Beechwood's statuesque Mausoleum is the Beechwood Crematorium and Columbarium. Forever housed within meticulously crafted urns of wood, bronze or marble, cremated remains can be memorialized in glass and marble niches.


Located within our elegant Beechwood Reception Centre, families can choose locations with space for two, four and even up to six urns protectively housed in an exclusive private chamber.


Within sight of the resting place of former Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden and Sir Henry Egan, this masterful community columbarium is located in one of Beechwood’s most prestigious areas. To last an eternity the columbarium is constructed entirely of granite, and each niche is designed to accommodate two urns with inscriptions engraved on the front of the niche.


Family columbariums are placed in Beechwood’s natural rockeries among the largest collection of hostas in Eastern Ontario and Western Québec. Families may choose locations from 2 to 12 urns with or without a bench where they may sit and enjoy the serene landscape of the rockeries and hostas.


Each Two Niche Columbarium with Bench will accommodate up to four urns placed along a winding pathway bordered by many varieties of hostas, with a bench placed for family members to sit and enjoy the magnificent surroundings.


Each Four Niche Columbarium and Bench combination will accommodate up to eight urns positioned on the edge of the pathway among the hostas. A bench is placed beside for family members to enjoy the blissful natural setting. Families’ names are placed at the top of each structure and are easily visible from one of Beechwood’s treed roads that wind their way through the Cemetery.

Beechwood offers families a wide range of urns. Urns made of bronze, pewter, granite, wood and pottery are all available for families to view and examine. Many families select a solid urn container to protect the urn from the elements. For cremation vaults, Beechwood has an array of vault material from which a family may choose.

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