The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery

Beloved Canadians of a World-Renowned Uniform

After a number of years of actively promoting the concept of an RCMP Veterans' cemetery, the Ottawa Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, with the support and collaboration of the RCMP and The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation initiated the development of what is known today as the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery.

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Officially dedicated in October 2004, the Cemetery was at that time open to retired and current members of the RCMP, civilian members, special constables and members of their families. In 2006 eligibility was changed to allow the inclusion of civil servants who have 20 years or more of un-interrupted service with the RCMP, and in January 2006 an agreement was signed to re-name the RCMP Memorial Cemetery, the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery.

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Responsible for the Cemetery’s landscaping and maintenance, Beechwood continues to demonstrate its commitment to RCMP members and their families for decades to come. Having set aside a parcel of land that will provide for over 5,000 grave sites, Beechwood has also built two granite walls containing 96 niches for cremated remains, with space for thousands more niches in the years ahead.

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Ground Interment

Locations are available that give families the option of both casket burial and (or) urn interment with unlimited urn use. Each location is designed to accommodate an upright monument with the crest and surname of the member prominently placed at the top. Monuments can be constructed in a variety of colours, and designed to allow up to eight or more names for many generations of casket or cremation burials.

Columbarium Niches

In 2004 Beechwood constructed two granite columbaria for families choosing above ground inurnment. Each location has room for two urns. Bronze plaque identification is affixed with the RCMP crest cast prominently at the top.

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James D. Patterson, Liaison to the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery
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Donations to the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery

The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery Committee is seeking your support to help fund current and future projects and programs. The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation will issue tax-deductible receipts for donations of $20 and above. The Foundation's charitable registration number is: 88811 2018 RR0001.

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